Certifications, Associations and Affiliations

The associates of Backflow Services have achieved the following Certifications:

•P.I.P.E. Certified Plumber

•P.I.P.E. Certified Pipefitter

•United Association Journeyman Plumber, Local 230

•United Association Apprentice and Journeyman Instructor

•Cross-Connection Specialist

•Backflow Assembly Tester

•Backflow Assembly Repair

•Backflow Assembly Proctor

•Backflow Assembly Instructor

•San Bernadino County Health Department Backflow Tester

•Confined Space Certification

•Certified Copper Brazer

•Medical Gas Certified

Welcome to Backflow Services, Inc.

About the owner: Tom Allingham, Jr.

We provide surveys, estimates, installations, certification and repairs of backflow devices. Backflow Services, Inc. was established in June of 2004 by Tom Allingham, Jr. who has been a union plumber for over 30 years. He has been at the forefront of the backflow industry and is currently one of the most highly credentialed experts in the area. He has completed over twentyeight years of backflow education and experience.  He has also had training on a National level. He not only operates this company, but is involved with teaching and training others in backflow testing and repair, general plumbing, and service and repair operations and techniques. Backflow Services, Inc. has been selected by reputable backflow device manufactures to consult and provide warranty service and repairs to their assemblies

Backflow Services, Inc. is licensed and bonded to work within the state of California.